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It opens as a web page you can put next to Zoom or send the link to open on other devices. Otter Live Notes is a paid feature included in the Otter Business plan with no additional per-minute fees! Sign in to the Zoom Marketplace. Go to Otter. Click the Who can install link in the left navigation.

Switch on Pre-approve and then select Allow all users on your account to install this app. Sign in to the Zoom web portal. Note for free Zoom Basic users: If you do not see Allow live streaming meetings in your Zoom settings, then you are probably logged into a free Zoom Basic account.

Please upgrade or log into a paid Zoom Pro or higher account and try again. Under Personal , click Settings. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as a meeting host. Click Settings. Log in to Otter. Look for Otter Live Notes and click Add. Note for existing users: If you previously set up Otter to sync cloud recordings from Zoom, you need to click Disconnect first, then click Add next to Otter Live Notes.

If you are not already signed into Zoom, you would be prompted to sign in. Click Authorize to connect Otter to Zoom. You will see a page with all available Zoom sessions for that subject and the accompanying meeting link image below.

Click on the Join button to access the Zoom Session As you have already authenticated to access Canvas, you will automatically log into Zoom. If the Zoom feature is enabled for your subject in Canvas, you can also view all of your Zoom sessions in the Calendar by clicking on the Calendar icon in the main left-hand navigation panel image below.

Your zoom application will generate an update notice when you need. This happens when your Zoom version is out of date. This minimum version requirement is necessary to ensure optimal security and functionality in UTS Zoom meetings. If your Zoom version requests an update for 5. Only staff and students using secure single sign-on will be admitted to UTS meetings and classes straight away.

Guests without UTS logins, such as guest speakers, are directed to a Zoom waiting room where they must wait for the meeting host to admit them once their identity has been verified. Guests still need a Zoom account to participate – it’s free to sign up. Note: If a student or staff member accidentally logs in with a personal account, or Facebook or Google details, they will also be sent to the Zoom waiting room.

Meeting passcodes help prevent unwanted participants from joining your meetings and inappropriately eavesdropping on discussions.

Participants will be asked for the passcode before they can join the meeting. Manage meetings using hosts and co-hosts. They allow you to: manage participants through the use of a waiting room or by removing unwanted attendees moderate meetings and participants, including by muting and controlling screen-sharing delegate and use co-hosts to help moderate larger meetings lock a meeting room after it has started to prevent unwanted participants from joining.

Be responsible when recording meetings. When you use the meeting recording features, all meeting participants will receive the following disclaimer: This meeting is being recorded by the host or participant. By staying in this meeting, you consent to being recorded. Stay alert for scams. Be alert for suspicious messages or invites, including links appearing from unknown or unexpected Zoom meetings or senders.

Where possible, join Zoom meetings through your calendar or the Zoom application. Keep Zoom up to date. Using Zoom on a Monash laptop or computer Zoom updates are automatically managed for you. Using Zoom on a smartphone or tablet You’ll need to manage the updates for Zoom yourself. More information Learn more about managing updates. Inbuilt security features. Zoom implements a wide variety of security features to protect communications, including: protections by Monash single sign-on including multi-factor authentication MFA secure meetings with encryption including audio and video content tools and methods to protect meetings by managing who can join and what can be shared.

Learn more about Zoom security. Sign into Zoom. Sign into Zoom with your Monash account single sign-on. Create or join a Zoom meeting. Scheduling a meeting Joining a Zoom video call. Use Scheduling Privilege. Assigning Scheduling Privilege To begin, the person you’ll be scheduling for needs to grant you Scheduling Privilege.

Check if you’ve been granted Scheduling Privilege You can check if anyone has assigned you Scheduling Privilege by going to your profile settings. Run concurrent Zoom meetings. Running three or more concurrent meetings If you need to schedule three or more concurrent meetings from a single host account, please submit a request to our Service Desk. Manage Zoom Cloud recordings. Privacy information recording, screen sharing.

Screen sharing When sharing your desktop, other meeting participants can see the content on your desktop, including any private material, email and message notifications which may display in the background or pop-ups.

To do this, the host or participant selects Share Screen. Alternatively during a screen share another participant can Request remote control right. This sends a sharing request to the host. To regain control over their mouse and keyboard, the party sharing their screen simply clicks anywhere on their screen.



Can two meetings be held at the same time on zoom – can two meetings be held at the same time on zoo.How to Schedule Multiple Meetings in Zoom

Meet the new Otter – the one stop for meeting needs for the half billion hybrid work professionals Today Otter. Click the Who can install link in the left navigation. Previous: Uploading a previously recorded video or audio file. Although messaging and email dominate many of our day-to-day interactions, sometimes You will see a page with all available Zoom sessions for that subject and the accompanying meeting link image below.


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