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Apple’s AirPods provide a great wireless way for anyone to listen to music, or anything else, from an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. If you’re a new AirPods owner, here are some great tips on using your AirPods and getting the most use out of Apple’s wireless earbuds. After taking the AirPods out of the box, it’s time for the most important part—connecting the wireless earbuds to a device.

Using special technology, the process is a snap when connecting AirPods to an iPhone or iPad. Open the AirPods case and place it right next to the tablet or smartphone. Make sure you’re on the Home Screen of the device. You should then see a special animation will appear on the screen. Select Connect. You’ll then be ready to rock out. After the initial connection process, connecting the AirPods again in the future is even easier. Just remove the earbuds from the case and place them in your ears.

They will automatically connect to a nearby, previously paired device. And the good news is that the earbuds are regular Bluetooth headphones, so you can connect to any other device, even a PC or Android handset. Alongside the earbuds, the AirPods case is also a big part of the overall AirPods equation. There are two types of cases for the AirPods. One is compatible with wireless charging, so you can place it on a Qi-compatible charger to juice up the AirPods and case itself.

The other case can only take power from a Lightning cable. Just to note, the wireless charging case also sports a Lightning port.

There’s an easy way to tell the difference between the two types of cases. The Wireless Charging Case features a small status light on the front of the case, whereas that light is inside the regular Charging Case. You can listen to up to five hours of media listening on a single charge of the AirPods. And when you’ve run out of juice, just place them back in the charging case for a recharge.

With the charging case, you’ll have more than 24 hours worth of AirPods battery before needing to charge it up again. If you’re ever in a bind and need a quick juice up, charging the AirPods for 15 minutes in the case provides up to 3 hours of listening. The status light is an important way to get information about the current charge status of the AirPods and case.

A green light means that the AirPods in the case are fully charged. An amber light means the AirPods in the case are charging. If the case is empty, an amber light means less than one full charge remains. When you place the Wireless Charging Case on a Qi charger, the status light will either show green to indicate a full charge or amber to indicate that the case and AirPods are charging.

When using AirPods with an iPhone or iPad, it’s easy to see exactly how much battery life is left in both the earbuds and the charging case. With the AirPods in the case, open the lid and place it near the iPhone or iPad. A dialog box will appear that shows the battery life. If at least one earbud is in the case, the widget will also show the charge amount left in the case as well.

When connected to an iPhone, the AirPods can automatically stop or start audio playback. Just put one or both AirPods in to start hearing audio. To quickly stop the audio, just remove the earbuds from your ears. Toggle off Automatic Ear Detection. From the same menu, Apple also allows you to customize the double-tap action on each AirPod stem. You can choose to make it:. And you don’t even need to double-tap on the stem of an AirPod to activate Siri.

Just say “Hey Siri” to call up the virtual assistant. That’s perfect for times when your hands are busy doing something else, like on a run or during a workout. Thanks to the tight integration between Apple’s hardware and software, the AirPods are the perfect way to rock out and listen to anything on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. And if you’re worried about keeping your wireless earbuds up-to-date, updating your AirPods to the latest firmware version is effortless.

How to Connect AirPods After taking the AirPods out of the box, it’s time for the most important part—connecting the wireless earbuds to a device. What Is Samsung Good Lock?


– How to use your airpods on zoom – none:


The airpods work to play music, audio books and for phone conversation. I see this was an issue a while back, but seemed to go unresolved. Has anyone figured out how to fix this?? MacBook Pro 15″, macOS Posted on Apr 3, PM. Edwin Pagan’s video on setting up your AirPods with Zoom was helpful. You have to set your AirPods in the Zoom audio and speaker settings!

Posted on Apr 21, AM. Apr 20, AM in response to ruthmwa In response to ruthmwa. Apr 20, AM. Apr 17, AM in response to ruthmwa In response to ruthmwa. I believe at least from my experience that this issue started happening with the most recent Zoom update so Zoom participants can’t hear you, or you like very static-y. Apr 17, AM. Page content loaded. Apr 3, PM in response to ruthmwa In response to ruthmwa. Apr 3, PM. I am having horrible trouble.

Sound from mic is static, undecipherable. I reset them, forget device, re-pair and sometimes they work for a very short time and then drop or turn to static again. Even sound to them will shut off using Zoom and switch to a different speaker. Apr 4, AM in response to ruthmwa In response to ruthmwa. Apr 4, AM. Apr 9, PM in response to ruthmwa In response to ruthmwa. They don’t work with Zoom.

Does anyone have a work around. I’ve seen many ppl using them with Zoom. Thank you. Apr 9, PM. There you’ll see separate pulldown menus labeled Speaker and Microphone. Under Speaker, select your AirPods. Under Microphone, select your laptop’s built-in mic. In my case, it was labeled MacBook Pro Microphone.

That’s it. You’re done. In the middle of a Zoom meeting, I made this voice input switch, as I was having trouble competing with a busy street corner and a nearby subway entrance. Everyone on the call immediately noticed the difference and said I sounded much clearer. Many Windows laptops have excellent built-in mics as well, so this isn’t a Mac-only tip. Similarly, I was using AirPods, but this goes for other earbuds, too.

Make sure the AirPods are selected on both settings. Your AirPods should be visible beside both options. If they are not, select them from the dropdown menu beside the Test Speaker and Test Mic options, respectively.

Zoom has the option of testing the audio devices before making calls. When you are joining a Zoom call, a pop-up menu appears on the screen with a Join with Computer Audio option. Zoom audio settings let you test the settings before making a call.

You have to select the Test speaker and microphone option under it to test the audio devices. When you select that option, the app will play a ringtone so you can test the speaker.

If you can hear it from your AirPods, it means the speaker is working properly. Then, Zoom will try through a different device. Keep on clicking No until you hear the audio from your AirPods. You will be asked to speak through your microphone. Do it and pause. Then, listen to the replay of what you said. If you can hear it clearly, your speaker is fine. Just like the speaker test, repeat the process if you cannot listen to your replay. When you are satisfied with both the speaker and the microphone test, click on Join with Computer Audio.

It reduces background noise while you speak. So, if you have an AirPod, connect it before you get on Zoom calls. The audio quality and the mic- both will come off better. Your AirPods should work fine now. Your Zoom video and audio calling experience will greatly improve when the AirPods work perfectly. Thanks so much for reading, and let us know what you think of this article.

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