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– How to Join a Zoom Meeting On a Desktop Computer | Terrebonne Parish Library System

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If you already have a Zoom account, you will be able to log in at this time. It is a very good idea to go ahead and test your audio while you wait. You should hear a dinging or bells. If not, try raising the volume of your computer and pressing the button again. When you are done speaking press the button again. If either the speakers or the mic are not working, you may need to change the source of the sound.

You can do this by changing the selection on the drop-down menus to the right of each. If you have not tried using a headset with a mic yet, try connecting one to your computer and running the test again.

Some computers have built-in microphones, but many do not. Once the host has allowed participants into the meeting you will see a window similar to the next image. Red Arrow: You may be automatically muted upon entering a meeting. If your mic has a red line through it, then you are muted. If not, click on the mic and it will mute. Likewise, click on the mic again to unmute. It is good Zoom etiquette to keep yourself muted unless you are the one speaking.

Blue Arrow: Like the mic, your video may be automatically turned off. You can control it my clicking on the camera icon. If your video is on, participants will be able to see whatever is in the view of your computer camera.

Green Arrow: This allows you to see how many people are participating in the meeting. By clicking on the icon, a side bar will open with the names of all participants. Grey Arrow: Zoom allows participants to share content to the meeting window. If the host allows, participants can click this icon and then choose what files from their computer to share.

White Arrow: Depending on the host settings, you may find an option to record the meeting to your computer. Click this one and you are done! Zoom Client allows participants to join meetings without downloading any plugins or software. It works similar to an app on a mobile device and does not require you to open an internet browser.

To join a meeting using Zoom Client, open the application on your computer. This information must be provided to you by the host. If the host emailed the invitation to you, it would be located below the URL link. The steps to start screen sharing depend on the device you are using. Select from the links below for the proper screen sharing steps. To stop sharing, click the Stop Share option at the top of the Zoom meeting window.

On step two above, you can select options to share something other than your mobile device’s screen, including pictures and a web page. Below are some additional tips that are good to know when hosting or participating in a Zoom meeting. To start or turn on video in a Zoom meeting, click or tap the Start Video option at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window.

To stop or turn the video off, click or tap the Stop Video option. To mute the microphone so others can’t hear you or any background noise, click or tap the Mute option at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window. To unmute your microphone, allowing others to hear you, click or tap the Unmute option. To record a meeting on a computer, click the Record option at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window.

To record a meeting on a mobile device, tap the More icon in the bottom-right corner of the Zoom meeting screen, then tap Record Android devices or Record to the Cloud iPhone or iPad. How to install the Zoom client or app. How to join a Zoom meeting. How to start or host a Zoom meeting. How to invite people to join your Zoom meeting.

How to accept participants into Zoom. How to share your screen. Zoom meeting tips. Note To use Zoom for videoconferencing on a computer, you must have a microphone and webcam installed. Desktop or laptop computer. Smartphone or tablet. Join using a Zoom meeting link. Join using a Zoom meeting ID. Note If you don’t have the Zoom client or app installed yet, you’re prompted to download and install the program.

Note After joining the Zoom meeting, you may have to wait for the host to accept you into the meeting before being able to participate. Start a meeting immediately.

Schedule a meeting. Invite people to join your current meeting. Invite people to join your scheduled meeting. Tip You can invite people to join a meeting already in progress, whether you’re a host or a participant.

Tip On a mobile device, you can send a meeting invite through a text message by tapping the Send Message option after tapping Invite in step 2 above. Sharing on a computer. Sharing on a mobile device. Tip On step two above, you can select options to share something other than your mobile device’s screen, including pictures and a web page.


How to open zoom app in laptop.How To Use Zoom: A Step-by-Step Guide


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– How to Install and Use Zoom for Videoconferencing

May 23,  · Click Manage to open the Zoom web portal and adjust settings for cloud recording. Profile. Edit My Profile: Opens the Zoom web portal to change personal information like you profile picture and name. View My Subscription: Opens the Zoom web portal and display your current paid plan and options to change it. Jun 07,  · Step 1: Hit the Windows key and search for Task Manager. Step 2: Open the Processes menu. Step 3: Find Zoom in the list. Step 4: Select the Zoom app and hit the End Task option at the bottom. Apr 29,  · Opening Zoom. Find the Finder icon in your Dock. Right-click on the icon, then click New Finder Window. In the new window, click Applications. Find in your apps list and double click the icon to start the app. Note: If Launchpad is on your dock, you can click that to access your applications list, and open Zoom from there. Saving Zoom to your Dock.


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