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Learn how to generate maximum registrations from your webinars based on 20 of the web’s best webinar landing page examples. From your Act-On Webinar Campaign, click Edit under the Registration Form · In the Form Composer that pops-up, navigate to the Design tab. Select Registration Options. Under “Invite Attendees,” select edit. Attendees can be required to register via a form, and attendees are either manually approved.

Zoom webinar registration page example – zoom webinar registration page example:. Customize your Company’s Zoom Page


Get this wrong and your superior speaker and 10x content fizzle. Their landing page builder comes with a handful of dedicated webinar templates and is our first stop because it follows a proven pattern. Form asks for more than the minimum but the two extra questions are easy to answer.

Join one of my monthly intensive workshops. Sign-up is open now:. Mention takes a different route and stands out by hosting a roundtable. Number of employees might better be asked through an in-session poll. The result was amazing. Producing video with Vyond is a snap, so you have no excuse and totally have to try adding a video teaser to your next webinar. Watch our on-demand replay to learn how. Ignore for a moment that this is the on-demand replay page and imagine instead that only the teaser video below was visible.

You heard me complain about the side navigation in the Numerator example. Because PathFactory has a smart system to engage users with ungated content served up based on behavior. Feel your own pages are falling short and are a brave soul?

Need more in-depth counsel? Over the past few years, I’ve put on over webinars and had a chance to analyze more than half a million sessions run on the big webinar platforms. Now I run my own online event consultancy and am on a mad mission to end all dull webinars by sharing the best of what we’ve learned so you can skip the learning curve and turn your webinars into an instant hit.

Daniel Waas April 18, Remember when you were a teenager and hosted your first big party? Pretty great to be a grown-up sometimes, right? Unbounce — The proven webinar landing page template. A landing page tool themselves the team at Unbounce has all the data to know what works.

Intro copy a little on the long side. Solid bullets, but not mind-blowing. The page makes it obvious who the speaker is. Asking for phone number will hurt the sign-up rate. Numerator — Consistent visual identity. Eliminate all distractions. The choice should be to click the call-to-action or leave the page. Rethink the webinar title. If you have great data, like Numerator does here, call that out.

What this webinar page gets right The FAQ section is my clear favorite here. It reduces the uncertainty of the user and will increase conversion. I like how the key details are highlighted. The unobtrusive social sharing buttons are neat. What could be further improved Having to set a password is a major turn-off. I understand from the FAQ why I have to register, but why force a password? MarketingProfs is a membership site, sure, but active members might be better generated during the webinar with a discounted offer.

Not a fan of the image. It gets the idea across, but it has decidedly a stock feel to it. Like the quick overview of the key information. Mention — Teaming up for a virtual roundtable. The co-marketing nature of it. Email is the 1 tactic to drive webinar registrants. The 2? You get to use the email lists of all your partners. Your custom Zoom Webinar Registration Form will make it easier to manage participants, so you can focus on hosting a great webinar.

A Virtual Event Registration Form is a document that is used to obtain enrollment data from people who wants to participate in the virtual event.

It is necessary to use an online registration form so that you can easily manage the registrations in an organized way. This Virtual Event Registration Form contains form fields that ask for the participant information like their name, age, gender, contact details, occupation, and company name.

This template is using the Configurable List widget so that the form respondent can add more attendees as needed. Using the Paragraph tool, you can provide helpful information or instructions to your respondents which includes the purpose of the event and the date and time of the virtual event.

It is also using the Purchase Order tool that allows you to use the payment function without connecting it to a payment gateway. Using the Form Builder, you can insert the logo of your company, change the event image, add or edit the form fields, change the color theme, and many more.

Register attendees to your latest webinar with our free Webinar Registration Form! Simply customize the form to meet your needs and embed it in your website to get started. Interested participants can easily enter their names, email addresses, and company information from any device. Customizing your Webinar Registration Form only takes a few minutes with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Ask attendees for more information by adding form fields, and feel free to change the template design or even upload photos to create a more personalized registration form.

Feel free to integrate your Webinar Registration Form with your favorite app — you can even sync submissions with Zoom to automatically add registrants to your webinar — and save time manually transferring data between accounts. Increase webinar registrations with a custom Webinar Registration Form, and prepare to host a successful webinar!

A Schedule a Zoom Meeting Form is used to schedule Zoom meetings online, without the need for back-and-forth emails or messages. To get started, customize the template design to match your company. Then embed the form in your website or share it with a link, and start collecting meeting and appointment requests instantly. Feel free to add your unique logo, update fonts and colors, or include extra form fields to collect additional information — with our drag-and-drop Form Builder, it only takes a couple of clicks to create the perfect form for your needs.

Hosting a virtual event? Register attendees online with our free Virtual Event Registration Forms! Select a template below that best fits your needs, customize it with our easy-to-use Form Builder, and embed it in your website or share it via email or social media to start accepting online registrations.

Guests can easily enter their personal and contact information, request accommodations, provide electronic signatures, and submit payments if necessary. Submissions will instantly appear in your Jotform account, easily accessible on any device by you and your event staff.

Get guests excited for your virtual event by customizing your Virtual Event Registration Form with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Without any coding, you can easily add more form fields, upload images and gifs, and change the fonts and colors to match your event theme or company branding. You can even integrate with your favorite apps and sync submissions to those accounts — making it easy to store registration information in your cloud storage account, add new contacts to your email list, and more!

And if you need to accept registration fees, simply integrate with your preferred payment processing app — Jotform offers more than 30 to choose from including Square, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize. Net for seamless online payment processing. Increase webinar registrations. Free webinar registration form for your website.

Easy to customize and embed. No coding. Capture more participants to attend your virtual workshop by using this Virtual Workshop Registration Form. You can easily use this template and customize it here in Jotform. No time to look for a developer to hire? Get this form template for free and start receiving submissions. No need to hire a developer to build your web form for you.

This template is designed to capture the attention of everyone. Get the current trends in the job market and organize your virtual job fair using this Virtual Job Fair Registration Form template.

Copy this template for free here in Jotform! Gather online registrations for your upcoming virtual event by using this Virtual Event Registration Form. This template is simple yet very powerful because of the configurable list widget and purchase order tool.

Add attendees to Zoom webinars automatically. Customize this free registration form for your webinars. No coding required. Let coworkers or clients schedule Zoom meetings directly through your website.


Zoom webinar registration page example – zoom webinar registration page example:. michaelbourne/gravity-forms-zoom-webinar-registration


Zoom has a built-in option to create a simple webinar landing page with a registration form. This can help you capture the details of the people who are interested in attending your webinar. By capturing email addresses, you can start sending email reminders as the webinar is date is approaching. At the end of the guide, I will also share how to go beyond the built-in capabilities of Zoom to build a fully branded webinar registration page.

I highlighted some key components of the registration page: The logo, banner, title and the registration form. You can create a Zoom registration page by checking the Required checkbox on the Registration section of your webinar or meeting settings. Whether you are using the Zoom Webinar addon or a standard Zoom meeting , by checking this checkbox and clicking save, Zoom will create a link to your registration page.

Go ahead and view your registration page. Notice that changes to the title and description of your webinar will immediately appear on the registration page.

At the bottom of the setting page for Webinar or Meeting, you will find multiple tabs. One of them is called Branding. This is the tab you should use to add a logo and a banner.

Note: This option is only available if you purchase the Zoom Webinar addon. You can further customize your webinar registration page by changing the theme of your webinar.

The Theme options are also available from the Branding tab of your webinar settings. Depending on your needs, you may want to capture a few more details. You can change by editing the Registration options on the Registration tab. A popup window will open. You can either select the questions you would like to appear from the Questions tab or create custom questions from the Custom questions tab. You can change your email reminders for the webinar through the Email Settings tab.

The Zoom Webinar addon lets you set multiple email reminders and followup emails after the webinar. If you choose not to purchase the Zoom Webinar addon, you can still send a confirmation email upon registration.

This confirmation email includes a calendar invite and the Zoom link to join the webinar, which can be extremely helpful in making sure your registrants actually attend the webinar.

However, you may have noticed that Zoom does not provide a lot of functionality to brand your webinar registration page and emails, even if you are using the Zoom webinar addon.

Platforms like Glow to help you create fully branded registration pages and email reminders for your webinar using templates like this one. In this guide I will walk you through how to Customize your Zoom registration page: How to create a Zoom webinar registration page? How to add a logo and banner to the registration page? How to change the color scheme of the page? How to add or remove questions from the registration form?

How to send email reminders for the webinar? Zoom Webinar registration page example If you are wondering what a Zoom Webinar registration page looks like, here is an example. How do I create a Zoom webinar registration page? How do I add my logo and webinar banner? How do I change the color scheme of my webinar page? In the Theme section, click Change Theme. Choose one of the predefined themes or click Custom to create a theme with your own colors.

How do I add or remove questions from the registration form? How do I change email reminders for the webinar? How do I create a fully branded registration page for my webinar?

Zoom made it extremely easy to create a simple registration page for your webinar. Creating your own branded registration page and email reminders can be time consuming.

Hosting webinars with Zoom. In this post I will cover the advantages of using the Zoom Webinar practice session, how to start a practice session and how to invite your panelists to join the practice session.

Nir Shub. May 29, Should you pay for the Zoom Webinar addon? Or is a standard Zoom meeting enough to get started? In this post I will cover the differences between the Zoom Webinar addon and the standard Zoom meeting. May 23,


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